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You're sitting at home is your pj's at 10pm on a Sunday, wishing for some spark of inspiration for a quilt design for the fabrics you just pulled from your stash closet (isn't everyone ready to start a project on Sunday night?). These beauties are just waiting for the perfect idea to come to life, but you know you don't have the right pattern at home. Where to look??

Hit the internet! Some of the best places to find great inspiration are some of the last places most of us think to look - fabric company websites! When designers submit fabric collections to their companies, they include quilt designs that use those fabrics in interesting ways. Sometimes they're converted to patterns for sale, and sometimes fabric companies make them available to download - for FREE to anyone. You can take those ideas and run with them! However, it's super important to give the designer credit when labeling your quilts, entering shows or posting pictures online (we're sure you'd want credit if it were your design).

Some of our favorite places to find free patterns: - select Free Patterns - select Patterns then click on Free Quilts & Projects - select Freebies and Features - select Get Inspired then click on Free Downloads - select Projects then click on Free Projects

Need more inspiration and not afraid to pay for it? Check out our pre-packaged kits!

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