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Do as I say, not as I do...

Remember the old adage, "Do as I say, not as I do?" It's usually said as someone is doing something they know they shouldn't, but do it anyway. And sometimes that thing they are doing is just dumb!

Here are a few "do as I say"s that are worth going over!

I say: Always be safety conscious. As quilters and sewers, we are around lots of sharp things. Learn and use safety practices such as locking your rotary cutter closed when not cutting and wearing sturdy shoes in your sewing area. Pick up dropped pins immediately, and don't hold straight pins in your mouth. Always assume an iron is hot and move it away from you when pressing.

I say: Measure twice, cut once. Have a plan in mind or on paper before you begin to cut a piece of fabric. Cut largest pieces first. Label your pieces in a manner that makes sense to you (and you'll remember). Learn to read your rulers properly so you decrease mistakes. Keep your rotary blades and scissors sharp for better cutting.

I say: Shop with a list. Before going to shop for supplies, check your pattern for yardage needs and notions required. Double check the math to be sure the pattern requirements are correct and make a list of what you need. At the store, use your list to be sure you get everything you need, so when you are ready to get going, you won't be disappointed. The list isn't a restriction...just a reminder. After you have checked off the items on the list, you are free to shop for anything else you want!

I say: Shop locally whenever possible, even online. Keeping your favorite independent quilt shop open is important to ALL quilters and online shopping can help them when you can't make it there in person. It will be a sad day when our only choices are the big box stores and mega-retailers online!

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