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Top five things to do at a quilt show

Top five things to do at a quilt show

Everyone sees things differently, and quilt shows are no exception! When I go to a quilt show, I always have a few things in mind to make sure that I do while there.

Number one for me... visit the vendor booths first! If I get to the show right when it opens, I always head to the back of the venue and start at the booths farthest from the door. It takes a while for most of the crowd to get back there, so I have more elbow room.

Number two... always ask before taking photos of quilts in the vendor booths and on the quilt show floor. It's not automatically allowed! Even if not allowed, looking through the lens of a camera can give you another perspective of the quilts, so keep it handy. If allowed, take a shot of the quilt label, too, so you will remember the details later.

Number three... take a pair of white gloves or clear plastic gloves, so you can gently touch the quilts when a hostess is not near. Be sure to ask permission to do this upon entry to the show!

Number four... never speak badly out loud about a quilt you are viewing. The quilter may be nearby.

Number five... look at the quilts in several different ways. I try to look at the quilts from a distance, then get close up to see the details. Then, even closer to see the individual elements that make a quilt great. I tend to look at the quilting as a separate detail that I may want to remember.

Above all, have fun, dress comfortably and find some friends to ride with!

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