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Quilt Show Season - Get the Most Out of Your Trip

Quilt show season is well under way! I have heard great compliments about the shows that have occurred so far this year. Great quilts and great vendors!

Here are some suggestions for getting the most out of your next quilt show experience:

1. Go in comfort: Layers are a must! As are comfy shoes, a small cross body purse, and a collapsible tote bag.

2. Start at the end: If you get there right at the opening bell, go to the farthest row of quilts or vendors and work your way back to the front. You'll avoid some of the crowd at the beginning of the show!

3. Split from your pack: It's always fun to go to the show with your best quilting friends, but don't feel you have to stay together. Make an agreement to meet up at intervals during the day, but let each other feel free to move ahead or linger as desired.

4. Take pictures, but only with permission from the show or the vendor. Don't assume it's ok, ask first!

5. Be a gentle judge: It's easy to be critical of the quilts you may see, but you should keep any "discouraging words" to yourself. The quilter may be close by, and she deserves the respect of viewers, simply because she had the gumption to enter her quilt in the show!

Hope you get a chance to go see some shows and keep these tips in mind!

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