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A Fresh Start - Getting In Shape!

Cheers, and Happy New Year! I don't know about you, but January always feels like a great time to get yourself in shape! Every other commercial and add is about some sort of fitness and weight loss thing right now. Well, lucky for everyone, we're not talking about getting your body in shape. We're talking about getting your sewing space in shape!

Sometimes this seems like an impossible task, doesn't it? Trust me, I feel this way a lot! I've found the easiest way to tackle your sewing room and get it in shape is by choosing one small area to start with. Pick one drawer, bin, bag, box or shelf. Take everything out or off and sort it. While sorting, decide whether to keep or discard each individual item. Refold or neaten every item you choose to keep. Label the items that you choose to keep in that container or on that shelf.

The drawer in this picture is closest to my sewing machine, so the items in there relate to the tasks I do at the machine. I just used a simple organizer I found while out grocery shopping! Everything has an organized place where I know to find it each time I need it!

Once you've sorted and labeled your small space, give yourself a pat on the back - you did it! And then tackle the next small space, or make a plan to shape up another small area another time. Breaking the task into small

bits will make it feel less overwhelming, and you'll be making progress and will still have time to work on your projects!

While straightening my drawer, I decided a little hook nearer to my machine was the perfect solution for my wandering little scissors. Love those Command(TM) hooks!

Good luck getting into shape! Looking forward for a GREAT 2019, and taking you along for the ride!

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