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Are you new to quilting? Have you been quilting for ages? When is the last time you took a sewing or quilting class to improve your skills or help you learn a new technique? Think back to when you first started getting into quilting... how did you learn? Was it trial-by-error (like I think a lot of quilters experience!), or did you have a teacher, parent or grandparent guiding you?

One thing we've heard from our students over the years is that they wished they took classes sooner in their quilting journey. Our students have ranged in skill level, taking beginning quilting classes, improving their binding techniques, or trying something brand new! Taking a class is a great way to enhance what you already know and learn from someone further along in their quilting journey. They've tried (and failed, probably more than you'd think!) and learned along the way, and are excited to share their knowledge.

We rotate our class offerings throughout the year, and are always open to adding new classes on request! We offered a Double Wedding Ring class recently on the request of a few students, and were able to teach them the skills needed to make that wonderful block. What do you want to learn more about? If you don't see a class posted online yet, let us know and we'll see if we can add it to our schedule! We want to help you continue to improve and grow!! See you in class!

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