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Are you down with EPP?

Hi Everyone, It's Heather! I know last time I mentioned that I loved the Weekend Quilting book that we had in the shop, and that I wanted to work my way through it. Well..... I skipped to the back, specifically the English Paper Piecing section. I am hooked, I mean I LOVE English Paper Piecing (EPP)!!

I spend a lot of time looking forward to the finished product so I can use or gift what I have made ASAP. But now with EPP in my life I am slowing down and really enjoying the whole process. I love making those little hexies. I am having so much fun picking fabrics that can be cut up or fussy cut, I love basting them and putting those little cuties together. In the evening I can sit with the family and still be working on my projects but not tucked away alone in my sewing space (although sometimes I really look forward to that too). Did I mention I really like basting them? I really do. I have done both glue and thread basting, but right now I really enjoy the laid back feel of thread basting, it is my way to relax in the evening.

When I first started I only had plans for the projects in the book (you know, those good intentions of really getting your value out of a book). Now I can't wait to do more. I have been cutting up my scraps into the perfect size for 1 inch hexagons and slowly basting them. I also have been collecting the mini charm squares that we have in the shop because once again they are the perfect size for EPP. I love making hexi flowers that can be added to bags, pillows, quilts and anything else I think needs one. Maybe one day I will even complete a whole quilt of my hexi scraps (I did say maybe) or learn how to do curves, but for now I am just down with EPP!

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