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Let's Go To The Show!

Picture of the Quilts Plus booth at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show in Bloomington

There are so many reasons to get out and see the quilt shows that are happening all around us! Whether it's your local quilt guild show or a major regional show, make plans to attend whenever you can!

One of the pleasures of a quilt show is the variety of quilt entries on display. You will see quilts of all sizes, colors, and styles, as well as varying in quality and age! Quilts made for challenges might be my favorite, since you get to see one idea taken in so many interesting directions!

Vendors at shows are bringing you their best and newest wares, so you get to see what is available from many sources at one time. Even if you don't "need" one more thing, there is something to amaze and tempt in every booth!

Many shows also offer classes by nationally known teachers. This is your chance to learn about topics your local quilt shops might not be able to offer. Having the opportunity to be in a class with a quilting "celebrity" is so exciting! Most classes at shows fill quickly, so if you're interested, make sure you register early.

The number one reason to visit a quilt show is the inspiration you will get from seeing all the beautiful quilts and the excitement you will feel by being absorbed into the show atmosphere! If you don't feel recharged and ready to rush home and get into your sewing room, you aren't looking hard enough!

Here's a suggestion: visit your next local show once with your quilting buddies, or by yourself so you can truly absorb everything. Then visit the show again with a non-quilter. You will see things from a new perspective when you are with someone who does not quilt, and that is exciting! Better yet, bring a young adult or older child, and look at the show through their eyes. Guaranteed you will see it differently from that view, too!

Don't miss the next show!

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