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Classes and Classroom Prep

Classes can be a great way to build your skills, make fun projects and meet new friends, whether at your local quilt shop or at quilt shows. Here are a few things that you can do to make your class experience the best it can be:

1. Register early. As soon as you know you can attend, get registered and paid. More often than we'd like to hear, classes get cancelled due to low registration, even at the big quilt shows. Once you register, you get your supply list - be sure to look it over and know what the required items are. You will then be able to make sure you have what you need. Take the time to check that your machine is in good order or get the needed repairs done.

2. Create a basic sewing kit. Find a container to hold items like straight pins, a seam ripper, small scissors, hand sewing needles, machine needles, a mechanical pencil and fabric marking tools, blank stickers for labeling, and any other basic item that you might need. If possible, keep a dedicated kit together, so you don't have to go around your sewing room and collect your things each time. Put your name and contact info on your tools - many quilters have identical tools!

3. Arrive a little early. You get your choice of seats in the room, you have time to get your equipment in place and set up, take a restroom break and have a chance to get calm and collected. Thread your machine and insert a full bobbin. Be sure you brought all the supplies you need. Meet the instructor and look at any samples on display. Also, your cell phone to silent, but keep it handy for pictures, if allowed.

4. Ask questions. What you are asking about may benefit the rest of the students, as well. Make sure you know what you need to do to finish the project once class is over. Before packing up to leave, make a few notes to remind yourself where to start when you get home.

5. Don't leave anything behind. Take stock before you go, so you have everything.

Doing these simple things can get you ready and make your classes more enjoyable!

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