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Hi! My name is Stephanie...

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Hi! My name is Stephanie and I've been an employee of Quilts Plus since 2001! That's a long time! I love fabric just as much now as I did back then, and have the stash to prove it! 😉 I've collected a ton of reproduction fabrics and although I still love them I'm now drawn equally to modern fabrics & projects.

My favorite magazines for inspiration are Quiltmania and Simply Moderne. I have a long list of projects I want to make and almost as many UFO's! I really need to belong to the UFO Club here at the shop. The group shares great ideas on how to use your stash, and how to do it efficiently - it sounds like a great group of folks, too!

There are so many great classes I wish people would take advantage of. Even one great tip, one new friend, one question answered can make such a difference in your quilting experience. I encourage you to sign up for a class when you can so you can increase your quilting knowledge.

My best tip is to trust yourself in your fabric selection. Go for it and learn what YOU like, no right or wrong here, follow your instincts, it's YOUR quilt! I'd love it if you'd come in and introduce yourself. Hope to see you soon!

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