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Second Saturday Sampler

Our 2017 Slightly Dotty setting for 10 completed blocks!

For those of you that know and love our Second Saturday program, thank you for your patronage and participation each month! We love your visits, your show-and-tell, and your smiles!

We were recently asked by one of our newer shoppers what Second Saturday was all about, and while we were happy to share with her additional details, we wondered just how many of you were missing some or all of the information about Second Saturday! So, here goes... all the details!

Second Saturday has been a staple of Quilts Plus for years, and the newest owner has kept this fun tradition alive. The basic premise is this: during the first month of the program, purchase a block kit.

Our 2017 Sassy Batik setting for 10 completed blocks!

Assemble the block (the pattern is included in the kit) and bring it to show the following month to get the next block kit for free! At the end of the program, you'll have enough completed blocks to assemble a small quilt. Of course you can add borders and additional blocks to increase the size of the quilt if you choose to do so, but this is great motivation to get a small quilt completed for minimal cost!

Now, some of the fun comes when you purchase more than one kit - this year we had three series to choose from - Slightly Dotty, Scrappy Heritage and Sassy Batik. Though you can only get one free kit per month, some quilters choose to make more than one quilt series. Another fun adjustment to the basic plan is making additional blocks each month that coordinate with the series of your choice. This will help to make sure you have a larger quilt when the program is complete.

Our 2017 Scrappy Heritage setting for 10 completed blocks!

Each Second Saturday, when you bring in a completed block, you'll be given your free block and a raffle ticket. For any 'extra' blocks you bring in, you get an additional raffle ticket! At the end of each Second Saturday session, we draw for fun prizes! And, while you're here we have a great show-and-tell, so you get to see new shop samples and kits, as well as completed quilts from your quilting friends!

We have 2 sessions every 2nd Saturday of each month - one that starts at 9am and one that starts at 10am. We look forward to seeing you there!

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