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Hi, Susan here...

This is the top of a quilt I finished recently.

And this is the back!

Hi, Susan here. I’ve been working at Quilts Plus since 2010 and have been quilting for 30+ years. Actually, I don’t go to work, I go to fun. The job from which I retired was work, this job is fun! I get to play with fabric all day. And help people figure out how to use my favorite fabrics… I mean, help people pick out the best fabrics for their quilt. And did I mention I get to play with fabric all day? (Except when Connie makes me do other stuff.)

On my own quilts, lately it’s been my goal to piece the back. It gives the quilt (even a small one) a bit of added dimension since you can turn it over and have a 2nd quilt. And it’s just plain fun! Those of you who know me know that I do love to have fun.

I have used anything from fat quarters that are less than my favorite (mixed with cool ones of course), leftover blocks or fabric from the front of the quilt, or additional yardage pulled from my stash. Not, of course, that I’m seeing my stash dwindle as much as needed, but it does help a little (although I have been known to buy additional fabric, thereby negating any dwindling of my stash).

Using minkee on the back is another story. I just can’t bring myself to piece the back of a quilt if I'm using minkee.

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